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Just like home driveways, parking lots can say a lot about a business. At Hudson Valley Brothers Asphalt Paving, we understand this job requires serious attention to detail and quick, efficient work to get your commercial property looking professional and well-kept for your employees and customers. Do not hesitate to give us a call today to schedule an appointment and get your free estimate!

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Benefits of Hiring a Professional Paver

When it comes to commercial parking lots, it’s vital that you select a highly qualified, reputable paving contractor. You don’t want to be left with weak, caved in, unreliable pavement. Our team at Hudson Valley Brothers Asphalt Paving guarantees 100% customer satisfaction and takes care to ensure reliable and durable parking lots, sufficient water drainage, pro-grade equipment and materials, and appropriate asphalt thickness for a lot that will last for years and look good.

Reliability & Durability Guaranteed 

Although we strive to offer competitive and affordable rates, we know that paving your commercial lot is a long-term investment. Our number one mission is to provide quality services for long-lasting pavement that endures changing climate conditions and constant vehicle and foot traffic. We will do our best to work with your budget while offering the highest quality care so you can have a lot that speaks highly of your business.

Sufficient Water Drainage

Our trained team will ensure that there is adequate water drainage so your lot doesn’t cave in, lose its original color, attract mold and algae growth, or crack. Excess water on or around the asphalt can cause severe damage which can mean expensive repair costs later. With New York’s harsh winters, in particular, asphalt driveways and lots are susceptible to further damage if water is able to get into cracks or holes and then freezes, causing the cracks to expand. We make sure we follow the industry standards and minimum slope requirements for sufficient water drainage to protect both the foundation as well as the surface of the asphalt. 

Professional Equipment & Materials

Our contractors are knowledgeable on which asphalt mixes are appropriate and that will last in Hudson Valley’s climate. Whether it’s the base or surface course, we know the appropriate aggregate sizes that are best for the local area. We encourage you to call us to learn more about the mixes and equipment we use before hiring us!

Appropriate Asphalt Thickness

Depending on the type of traffic that your lot will face, we will determine the needed thickness for maximum strength and durability. We will consider not only the type of traffic but also the subgrade condition when deciding on the thickness of either the asphalt layer, aggregate layer, or both. We would be happy to discuss this in more depth with you. Please give us a call or complete the contact form for more information and a free quote on any of our services!

#1 Rated Commercial Parking Lot Paver in Dutchess County

We understand that there are many options and considerations when it comes to choosing a professional asphalt paver and line striping contractor for your commercial property. This job requires an eye for detail, highly skilled and experienced workers, and superior customer service to meet your individual needs. Let us show you why we are the #1 rated driveway and parking lot paver in Dutchess County. Give us a call for a free consultation today.

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